Friday, 25 February 2011

New Sprint Spikes!

First off... it's been a while, sorry about that. I will be trying to post more frequently in the upcoming weeks :)

Ordered some of these bad boys off the internet the other day (Saucony mens showdown) :

 They look SAWEEEET! As well as being amazingly light, as if you are running in socks. They are comfortable (apart from one little niggle which we'll get to in a bit) which can sometimes be a compromise when trying to make the lightest spike - but not in this case. The fastening system consists of laces under a zip, which is then secured by a Velcro cover - no chance of them coming undone then!

 The spike plate holds 10, which i've never experienced until now. Don't think i've noticed a particular traction boost over my old 7 spike, but they look all the more aggressive with the extra spikes that's for sure!

Now that little niggle i was talking about... when in full sprint i noticed the outerside of my foot was being cut into by the spike. This is due to my foot sitting too low in the spike, so a bit of DIY was in order:

 The answer^ Foam. Cut to the shape of the heel to fit snugly in the shoe. Raises my foot that vital amount to clear the area that was giving me grief, so chuffed!

Feeling reasonably quick, will see what PBs the season brings with these babys on my toes ;)


  1. wow! they look AWESOME, dont they?

  2. seems like a good start into the season

  3. Those are some baller looking spikes, man. I bet those give you some nice traction.

  4. Yeah, PiratesLoveVikings pretty much said it. Baller!

  5. Wow, I've got those aswell!
    I use them for soccer practice though ^^

  6. Those look like some damn nice shoes. I just recently started running, so I don't think I'm quite qualified to use that kind of equipment yet. =P

  7. I don't want you to kick my ass lol.