Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Just found this video.... That must take guts! Bit of a nasty landing, but looks as though he knew he couldn't hang around before coppers were after him!

Santa Cruz Bullit Custom

Right in the middle of a SantaCruz custom bike build at the moment, will have a fantastic bike by the end of it... (just not a so fantastic bank statement!)

Should hopefully look something like this when it's finished;

Just need to get some wheels and brakes... i'm thinking Avid Elixir 5s.. anyone know much about these?

Can't wait to throw this thing downhill when it's completed!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Innerleithen XC

Pic taken from top of the Minch Moor ascent.
"The red-graded Innerleithen XC route is a cracking trail and provides a great alternative to its busier sister at Glentress, the Red Route. There is plenty of climbing involved but it's well worth it, as the descents are stunning and varied - fast flowing singletrack packed full of jumps, rock features and berms, followed by tighter more technical riding, then a fantastic freeride finish at Cadon Bank."

This isn't an easy going cross-country trail. You need to be well prepared and have a high level of stamina. The first half of the 19km run is up hill and unrelenting. Just as you're quads are about to give up on you, you'll need to be able to negotiate rocksteps which take even more out of your legs. (and occasionally your front chain ring as well!). 

However, don't let this put you off. As there is much to be gained in return for your uphill efforts. The Minch Moor decent is one you'll never forget. 

I would say this is a fairly mild red as far as technical features are concerned. But make sure you're up for the long slog at the start! 

Monday, 27 September 2010

Kirkhill Mountain Biking

"Kirkhill Mountain Bike Park is a great introduction to mountain biking. Ride this short section of trail with its range of technically challenging features - jumps, bumps, berms, switchbacks and more. Its bound to keep you entertained for hours!

The trail starts with a gentle climb through mature conifer woodland before descending across open ground crossing many features designed to help you perfect your biking skills."

Recommended bike gear 
A mountainbike (duh) it doesn't have to be suspended as the trail is smooth and hard-packed. However suspension will help you if you plan to do the cross country trails in the area. Make sure your brakes work! Discs recommended. Helmets are a must.

 The Turning into the forest is about 2.5 miles past bucksburn on the A96 going west.